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High & Dry, a new 6×30’ Baby Cow comedy production for E4

Written by Marc Wootton (Drunk History) High & Dry centres around survivors of a plane crash who have washed up on a remote island in the Pacific. Led by overbearing, sociopath air steward Brett Sullivan, also self-proclaimed “King of the Island”, the survivors assemble together in the belief they are each other’s best chance of survival, or so they think…. will people show their true colours when survival instincts kick in and will they ever stand a chance of being rescued?

Brett is played by Marc Wootton and also fastened in for the ride are spaced-out Arnab, played by Asim Chaudhry (People Just Do Nothing), cautious family man Douglas, played by Harry Peacock (Far from the Madding Crowd) plain speaking Harriet, played by Vicki Pepperdine (Getting On), dutiful Susan, played by Grace Rex (Tracers) The series is directed by Dave Lambert (Undercover, The Mighty Boosh, Alan Partridge) and is filmed entirely on location in the idyllic beaches of the Seychelles .

High & Dry is commissioned by Fiona McDermott, Head of Comedy for Channel 4. Jack Bayles serves as Commissioning Editor. The series is produced by Baby Cow Productions with Paul Schlesinger and Christine Langan serving as executive producer and Kerry Waddell as producer. The series is directed by Dave Lamber